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I've been through a training. What do I do next?
4 Steps to Go From Training to a Movement of Disciples.pdf
After a training, some groups go on to make new disciples and churches. Some don't. What makes the difference? These four steps will help you after your training to create a movement of disciples and churches.
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5 Step Strategy for Planting Churches
Five Step Strategy for Planting Churches.pdf
Follow these five steps to grow a simple church with new believers. I've used this 5 step strategy multiple times in planting new churches. It's great!
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Permission Given. A Guide to do your own SCPX
It's not a conference. It's a hands-on experience YOU can do to launch a movement of disciples and simple churches in your region. This SCPX Guide will help you create.
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Today you live on campus...tomorrow a city
Today you live on campus; tomorrow you'll work in a city. You've got dreams in your heart to change the world. You want others to meet Jesus. Permission Given.
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Disciple: Journey with Jesus. Change Your World
Disciple, the Book.pdf
Free download of Erik Fish's book "Disciple". Facilitate supernatural discipling relationships to create movements for the gospel! Get the published version in easy-to-use book format on at:
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Disciple Book Simplified Chinese Version
FREE e-version of Disciple in Simplified Chinese at this link. You can purchase hardcopy books at:
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What is A Simple Church?
What is a Simple Church?
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This Is Church
This video summarizes beautifully everything we are about in this movement. It will make you happy if you take two minutes to watch it.
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Great Commission in 37 Years
This is a great video about the power of making reproducing disciples.
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Making Disciples
Making Disciples.pdf
As a follower of Jesus, you have power to lead others to encounter Jesus and follow Him, too! Here is a one-page summary to help you establish disciple-making relationships. Download this along with the "Being His Disciple" guide.
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Student CPx Vegas Baptisms
Students from campuses and cities all over the country met in Las Vegas for "Student CPx". We got to experience some powerful Baptisms!
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Student Church Planter's Kit
Student Church Planter's Kit Small File.pdf
Use this kit to help you start a movement on your campus!
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Praying for the Sick
Praying for the sick.pdf
Here is a resource to use when you start to pray for the sick. It is not intended to be a formula or a teaching on healing. It's a users guide to help you start!
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The Supernatural
Hear some goodness about the supernatural and living it out naturally.
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Spiritual Family
What does spiritual family look like?
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Action Plan to Reach Your Campus or City
Action Plan to Reach Your Campus or City.pdf
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God Story Reading Schedule
A schedule to read through the Bible in chronological order in 1 year.
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