I dream about...
My children believing nothing is impossible.
Every college campus in the world experiencing spiritual awakening.
Every ethnicity on the planet expressing their uniquely redeemed beauty in Christ.
The church in our generation showing the world what God's royal family looks like.
What do you dream about?

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Free Download Pocket Disciple
Based on seven experiences with Jesus, Pocket Disciple can transform your outreach or ministry into a multiplying movement of disciple-making groups. Use one-on-one or with a small group of friends & watch what happens! Order booklets at ErikFish.c
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Disciple Book Traditional Chinese
FREE e-version of "Disciple" in Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
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What is A Simple Church?
What is a Simple Church?
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Disciple Book Simplified Chinese Version
FREE e-version of Disciple in Simplified Chinese at this link. You can purchase hardcopy books at: http://www.amazon.com/Disciple-Simplified-Chinese-Version-Journey/dp/1489590838/
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I've been through a training. What do I do next?
4 Steps to Go From Training to a Movement of Disciples.pdf
After a training, some groups go on to make new disciples and churches. Some don't. What makes the difference? These four steps will help you after your training to create a movement of disciples and churches.
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5 Step Strategy for Planting Churches
Five Step Strategy for Planting Churches.pdf
Follow these five steps to grow a simple church with new believers. I've used this 5 step strategy multiple times in planting new churches. It's great!
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Circuit Riders
Why discipleship and forming simple churches with new believers is so vital to our spiritual family. A few lessons from John Wesley and the Circuit Riders.
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Traveling with Kids
Traveling with our kids has been a supernatural journey. God is growing spiritual family as we travel with our natural family.
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Disciple: Journey with Jesus. Change Your World
Disciple, the Book.pdf
Free download of Erik Fish's book "Disciple". Facilitate supernatural discipling relationships to create movements for the gospel! Get the published version in easy-to-use book format on Amazon.com at: http://ow.ly/cn2Ds
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A day in the life of SCPX
"What does a day in the life of your movement look like?" This 2 minute video celebrates a bit of what God has been doing through the SCPX family the last few years.
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