I dream about...
My children believing nothing is impossible.
Every college campus in the world experiencing spiritual awakening.
Every ethnicity on the planet expressing their uniquely redeemed beauty in Christ.
The church in our generation showing the world what God's royal family looks like.
What do you dream about?

Recent Activity

Miraculous Birth. Miraculous Movement. SCPX history
Read the "story behind the story." Cool testimonies and pictures will encourage you.
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Today you live on campus...tomorrow a city
Today you live on campus; tomorrow you'll work in a city. You've got dreams in your heart to change the world. You want others to meet Jesus. Permission Given.
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Permission Given. A Guide to do your own SCPX
It's not a conference. It's a hands-on experience YOU can do to launch a movement of disciples and simple churches in your region. This SCPX Guide will help you create.
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Where on me can you stand to reach your destiny?
What happens when miracles and kingdom culture are expressed through thousands of simple expressions of church? What happens when we serve others out of our God-breathed giftings and raise up spiritual sons and daughters? God's Kingdom!
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Dumb Mistakes I've Made Growing Movements
Four years into SCPX, I thought it would be a good time to sit down and evaluate my mistakes. For some bizarre sociological reason, people respond better when I tell them the stupid things I’ve done, rather than just the sweet stories. Enjoy.
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He Stepped Away from the Table Where Death Lay
At 20 years old, Dustin had enough of the broken relationships, heartbreak, and lost dreams. He found the last stash of drugs and laid a massive line on the table. He reasoned it was easily enough to end the pain. Permanently. Then the phone rang.
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Making Disciples
Making Disciples.pdf
As a follower of Jesus, you have power to lead others to encounter Jesus and follow Him, too! Here is a one-page summary to help you establish disciple-making relationships. Download this along with the "Being His Disciple" guide.
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Bear Healing Story
Bear tells the story of two girls being healed in the campus cafeteria.
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Student Church Planter's Kit
Student Church Planter's Kit Small File.pdf
Use this kit to help you start a movement on your campus!
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Bear Evangelism Stories
Create a ripple effect on your campus! Bear tells stories about what happens when students meet Jesus and start telling their friends.
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