Everyone on the planet getting to have a culturally relevant encounter with Jesus that puts them in a church where they learn to be a mature lover of Jesus.

Recent Activity

Haystack Revival
Did you know that a group of students in prayer sparked the modern missions movement? What will God do though the students on your campus? Nothing is too big if you keep your eyes and hearts on God. Watch this video and learn all about it.
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Loving Jesus with our Money
Loving Jesus with our money.docx
Here some of my own thinking on money in the kingdom. How can I serve Jesus with my money?
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Oral Learners
Are people beyond the reach of Jesus just because they can't read? Can someone who can't read lead a church? Learn about efforts to help shepherds in Lesotho follow Jesus.
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Unengaged Peoples
There are currently 418 people groups on the panet experiencing the greatest injustice: no access to the Gospel. No missionaries, no Bibles, no satellite. They are totally unengaged by Jesus people. Let's make that change.
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This Is Church
This video summarizes beautifully everything we are about in this movement. It will make you happy if you take two minutes to watch it.
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I know many of us in this family have a special place in our heart for Bhutan. Today's unreached people group of the day is from Bhutan. Check it out and build a habit of checking out the web site every day.
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Motherly Advice
Hey fam! I have put some motherly advice to you all out on the internet. I will try to do this regularly. Hope it encourages you.
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