I dream about every inch of my body and every crevice of my heart absolutely, undoubtedly convinced that the extravagant Love of God is real, that it always wins, that it is limitless. I dream about that Love overtaking me, my family, my friends, my neighbors and spilling all over this dusty, dying earth in a grand resurrection sweep. Life abundant for all, and a safe home for every lost son and wandering daughter. And parties. Eat - drink - laugh - and baptize 'em kind of parties.

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SCPX Oregon
SCPX we hosted in Corvallis, Oregon with the incredible gang up at OSU. Holy Spirit was kind to us all ;) Love these people!!
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paint me a mural; call it church
Let’s paint a picture. Let’s paint a Puerto Rican single mom and her toddling half-Mexican daughter. Let’s add a teenage black boy. And his two sisters, one twelve years old, the other seventeen. Let’s paint a Nigerian doctor, and a white nurse..
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this understanding of baptism totally liberated me in the way I've made disciples over the past few years...
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Myles & Linds in Cali
picnic in the mountains :)
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