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Do a Student Church Planting eXperience in Your Region

SCPX equips students to make disciples and can be replicated on any campus, anywhere.  It doesn’t need to be complicated. This experiential training gives a "jump start" to help you grow networks of simple churches on campuses in your area.  
A SCPX begins by simply gathering a group of people who will live together as a prayerful, practicing community for 7-10 days. You will pray together, go out to love students who don’t know Jesus, and engage in the basics of planting simple churches. The campus is just the beginning -- students learn principles they can carry with them beyond the campus to every city and nation in our lifetime.  
SCPX is built around a set of core elements related to making disciples and planting simple churches. For each element, you’ll practice the following format:

Hear it -- Hear a principle.

Do it -- Practice the principle together on your campus/city.

Debrief it -- Discuss what happened and what you learned.

Here is a full document with step-by-step instructions for doing your own SCPX:
SCPX Facilitator’s Guide